The quality of activity is main condition of enterprise competitiveness

Sviatoslav Yaroslavovych Kis, Galyna Romanivna Kis, Mykhailo Mykhailovych Melnytskyi


The essence of the concepts “product competitiveness” and “enterprise competitiveness” is revealed in order to establish their correlation and interdependence. The approaches for determination of the factors of enterprise competitiveness and the methods of its assessment are analyzed. The assumption about the prevailing influence of qualitative characteristics of the enterprise activity on its competitiveness is made. The authors sugges the original approach to the grouping of enterprise competitiveness factors taking into consideration the factors of managerial, executive and technological influences. On the basis of the above-mentioned assumption about the synonymic nature of the concepts ”economic security” and ”competitiveness” the classification of the enterprise competitiveness factors according to the qualitative characteristics of the environment of its functioning is offered. Due to the peculiarities of microeconomic environment functioning the list of qualitative characteristics of competitiveness was defined. The dynamics of the enterprise competitiveness formation is shown taking into account the trends of qualitative changes. According to its results it has been found out that competitiveness is the result of the enterprise activity quality.


competitiveness; quality; competitiveness factors

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