Features of strategic management of foreign economic activities of agricultural enterprises

Roman Batiuk


Introduction. The peculiarities of the functioning of the foreign economic activity of agricultural enterprises in the modern conditions of the transforming economy are manifested in various forms of ownership and the development of market relations in the Ukrainian economy, which are accompanied by increased competition, difficult conditions of economic activity, a decrease in the predictability of results, and an increase in the severity of economic consequences caused by management errors.

Despite the fact that currently the issues of strategic management of agricultural enterprises are widely discussed, the study of issues of strategic management of foreign economic activity is carried out at a level insufficient for their use, and often simply intuitively. In connection with this, there is a need to develop the theory and methodology of forming a strategy for the development of the foreign economic activity of agrarian enterprises, aimed both at solving scientific problems of strategic management and at developing specific proposals for their implementation.

The goal is research, development and justification of a set of measures of a theoretical and practical nature regarding the formation of a strategy for the development of the foreign economic activity of agrarian enterprises, as a set of interconnected management elements and connections that provide solutions to the problems faced by enterprises in foreign markets.

Method (methodology). When conducting the research, taking into account the purpose and tasks, general scientific and specific research methods were used. Among them: the method of scientific abstraction - when systematizing the theoretical foundations of strategic management of foreign economic activity of agrarian enterprises; the method of system-structural analysis - in the development and construction of the system of the organizational-economic mechanism of management of foreign economic activity at the level of enterprises; deduction, logical generalization, comparative and system-structural analysis, grouping - when identifying existing problems of strategic management of foreign economic activity of agrarian enterprises.

The results. The article substantiates the relevance of developing an organizational and economic mechanism for strategic management of foreign economic activities of agrarian enterprises in conditions of a high level of competition on international markets. It is emphasized the need to review traditional approaches to management with the construction of innovative mechanisms of management systems. It has been proven that the organizational and economic mechanism of managing foreign economic activity is a competitive advantage of the enterprise. A model of the organizational and economic mechanism of strategic management of foreign economic activity at the level of an agricultural enterprise has been developed. It was found that the most effective approach to the process of strategy formation in the organizational and economic mechanism, which is based on the concept of BSCol with adaptation to the activities of enterprises, is named as comprehensive. A transformed strategic map of a balanced system of indicators and indicators of foreign economic activity of agrarian enterprises has been developed.


management strategy; agricultural enterprises; foreign economic activity; organizational and economic mechanism; transformed model; system of indicators and indicators

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2022.03.199

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