Order of information disclosure concerning obligation in balance

Iryna Yaroslavivna Ometsinska


Economic essence of obligations is exposed. Comparative description of obligations’ reflection in Balance before and after acceptance of National position (to the standard) of record-keeping 1 the «General requirements to the financial reporting» is made. Advantages and disadvantages of new Balance are determined (Reporting about financial position). The pointlessness reflection in liabilities the supporting and the income of future periods is proven, and it is suggested to reflect them in the first section of liability «Property asset» renaming it into «Property and equated to it asset». The structure of the second section of Balance liability (Report about financial state) is extended in part which reflects the information about a long-term obligations. The expedience of fourth section liability liquidation is explained «Obligations, related to the irreversible assets, retained for a sale, and groups of disposal». The necessity of reflection of such type of debts within current liabilities is proven.


liability; balance; supporting; income of future periods; current liabilities; long-term liability

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