The household waste management tariff in Ukraine and its effect on the waste management performance indicators

Daker Taxa Dib ELrabay'a


Introduction. The article analyzes the efficiency of household waste management in Ukraine and summarizes the conclusions. The results are compared with the results in the European Union and the main differences are highlighted. The hypothesis that waste management tariffs are insufficient to stimulate change and achieve the desired waste disposal and recycling targets is considered, and conclusions are drawn.

The aim of the article. The aim of the research to analyze relation between the poor household waste management results and the organizational and financial aspects in Ukraine. The reference indicators to compare with are the official reported household waste management data and the results of own research in the advanced European countries.

The method. The research analyzes all the available official data, related to the household waste generation rates in the Ukrainian cities, and the treatment methods implemented to avoid their accumulation in landfills. Furthermore, this article explores into the waste management tariffs formation methods in the various Ukrainian regions, and finally, concludes the average household waste management cost per ton. Finally, the share of the household waste management cost in the annual income per ca pita in Ukraine is compared with the same ratio in three advanced European countries: Germany; Switzerland and; Netherlands.

Results. The research analyzed the household waste mass flow in Ukraine and found out that more than 99% of it ends up in the landfills, while this value in European Union is less than 25%. Further analyses were conducted to understand the efficiency of the installed household waste treatment infatuation and the results showed it was unsatisfactory (less than 25%). In the final part of the research, the tariffs in Ukraine were compared to those in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, and it was concluded that the tariffs in Ukraine are too low to justify the installation of adequate infrastructure and build sufficient sorting and recycling facilities.


household waste; tariffs; recycling rate; landfill; waste treatment

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