Peculiarities of the marketing strategy of higher educational institutions

Nataliia Mykhailyk


Introduction. The increase of the number of higher education institutions and the intensifying competition between them has led to a difficult situation, the way out of which is the active use of marketing technologies. In particular, the formation and implementation of the marketing strategy will contribute to strengthening the competitive positions of higher education institutions in the market of educational services. The specifics of educational services imposes a number of features in marketing technologies. Therefore, some terms, goals and principles of marketing activities in higher educational institutions need adaptation.

Purpose. The purpose of the work is to clarify the theoretical basis and specifics of educational services, to study the features of development stages and to implement marketing strategies of higher education institutions.

Method (methodology). A number of scientific methods were used in the research process, in particular: abstract-logical - for theoretical generalization and justification of the conducted research results; induction and deduction, systematization and comparison - for investigation theoretical basis of the researched problem; graphic method - for visual display of research results.

Results. The nature and specificity of educational services have been studied, their features have been described. The essence of educational services marketing and the advantages of its application in the activities of higher education institutions have been determined. The essence of the strategy and marketing strategy, including the activities of the educational institution, has been determined. It has been suggested to understand "marketing strategy" as a declaration of the goals and directions of enterprise development, organization or institution in order to strengthen competitive positions and satisfy consumer needs with the help of marketing tools. The characteristic features of the marketing strategy in the higher education institution have been studied. The stages of marketing strategies development and implementation have been investigated.

Conclusions. The choice of an effective marketing strategy, its development and implementation are an integral part of a higher education institution effective management and its operation on the market. It should ensure the development of educational services that satisfy the needs of potential and real consumers, buyers and customers, and the growth of the educational institution's competitiveness on the educational services and the labor market.


marketing; marketing technologies; strategy; stages of marketing strategy development; educational services; educational services market; educational institutions

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