Scientific-methodological approaches to formation mechanism of international marketing management at airports

Olexandr Markovych Klionskyi


The paper has developed a general economic mechanism of international marketing of airports based on the analysis of current trends in modern marketing. The directions of improving the methodology for the development of a marketing program as the basic of international marketing management system of airports are proposed. Their objectives are to improve the efficiency of international airports with regard to their functioning in the modern features of the economic development of Ukraine. In today's international aviation enterpriseit it is possible to systemize all marketing activities and events. They should be fulfilled  comprehensively taking into consideration their dependency and peculiarities of their development on all levels. It has been developed the mathematical matrix that allows to select approaches to managing the marketing activities when operating in the international marke. They should meet strategic position of the international airport in business space with the appropriate character and direction of the process of marketing management. The model of international marketing management of airports is proposed.


international marketing; marketing programs

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