Formation of strategic priorities for the development of pork breeding in agricultural enterprises as the basis of innovative development of the industry and food supply of the country

Marat Ibbatulin, Bohdan Khahula, Nadia Svynous


The article is devoted to the formation of strategic priorities for the development of pig farming in agricultural enterprises, as the basis of innovative development of the industry and food supply of the country. Domestic pig farming as an industry began to revive and developed. Powerful factors of pressure on it are the constant increase in the cost of feed, energy resources, and veterinary services. Based on the generalization of the research results, we substantiated the strategic priorities in the development of pig farming for each of the investigated groups of agricultural enterprises - producers of pig farming products. It has been established that one of the main factors that will restrain the development of pig farming in the corporate sector of the agrarian economy, as an export-oriented industry, in the near future is a complex epizootic situation caused by the manifestation of ASF. Such a situation requires the state veterinary and phytosanitary service to intensify its activities in conducting monitoring and selective control on the ground.

It is obvious that state support by means of subsidizing agricultural producers working on technologies with low indicators and high resource intensity does not contribute to their achievement of production efficiency, but only slows down the process of their exit from the industry, which leads to the irrational spending of budget funds.

In order to effectively develop pig farming by enterprises of the corporate sector of the agrarian economy, it is necessary to simultaneously solve a number of tasks, namely: to create institutional and economic conditions for the involvement of average producers in terms of efficiency indicators and production scales in the innovation-investment process for the development of resource-saving and ecologically safe innovative technologies in the shortest possible time; provide additional support to enterprises in the organization of production of their own grain feed, subsidizing the construction of feed mills and elevators, which will fully satisfy the existing needs of pork producers.

The effectiveness of the use of financial resources as budget allocations should be carried out on the basis of national and regional programs for the development of pig farming, indicating the sources of funding and forecast indicators of the development of the industry.


pig farming; innovation; production; state support; agricultural enterprise

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