Actual questions of of analysis of commercial banks honorability

Pylypiv Ivanivna Pylypiv, Maria Igorivna Pylypiv


The article investigates the nature of reputation management. It has been developed two-tier classification of factors: external (micro and macro ) and internal (financial and non-financial ) that are interconnected, interdependent and interrelated. The most complete formation of analytical maintenance of business reputation of a commercial bank for the interests of its business partners is possible on condition of providing of  the economic analysis of business reputation  of commercial banks in certain areas using a system of indicators for each of them, namely, financial stability, business activity, liquidity, efficiency management, ratedreliability of bank. The economic analysis for selected areas will allow to strengthen analytical support for management of a commercial bank reputation for making effective decisions by potential partners.


business reputation; business partnership; business activities; profitability; liquidity; financial stability

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