Ways of solution of enterprise development problems in the imperfect competitive environment

Tetiana Valeriivna Akimova


The basic problems of domestic enterprises in the conditions of  imperfect competition are considered in this article. The aim of the paper is to determine aspects of the company in the conditions of  imperfect competition, study ways to overcome the problems of the company in the conditions of  imperfect competition by enhancing the innovation of the company. The problems that affect the innovative activity of enterprisesare analysed. One of such factors is the pricing strategy. The paper considers the problem of pricing in different competitive situations. Besides the major risks of increase of innovative activity there are the risks of  financing and innovation implementation. The article deals with forms of innovation processes and their financial security. It is proved that a necessary factor for the competitiveness of enterprises in imperfect competitive environment is an innovative development and the necessity of changing the technology of innovative development, taking into account the conditions of competition. 


competitive environment; innovation development; innovation activity; financial support; the development of enterprises

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