National security of the state: specifics of provision in regime state of war

Oleksandra Vasylchyshyn, Volodymyr Tytor, Igor Kekish


Introduction. Ensuring national security as a system of guarantees for the protection of the vital interests of the state, society and the individual from internal and external threats involves the realization of the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, their proper standard of living, as well as the independence and sovereignty of the state, its territorial integrity and sustainable socio-economic development, etc. With the introduction of the legal regime of martial law in Ukraine after the full-scale armed invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of an independent and sovereign state, the issue of ensuring national security requires special approaches to the system of its implementation, taking into account the analysis of such new challenges.

Goal. It consists in the analysis of the current state of peculiarities of the national security system of Ukraine on the eve and during the introduction of the legal regime of martial law in the country.

Method (methodology). In the course of the research, the following methods were used: dialectical, generalization, comparison, system analysis, etc.

The results. It was analyzed that the legal field in the national security system before the full-scale armed invasion of the aggressor country on the territory of Ukraine was sufficient and contained a number of normative and legislative acts taking into account the real threats to the independence of Ukraine, its sovereignty and democracy, but the insufficient efficiency of the state bodies made it difficult to develop and implementation of an effective policy. It was revealed that the state management of the national security system, in addition to other main aspects, focused on the presence of a growing shortage of financial resources, which made it difficult to allocate funds to ensure the production and purchase of modern weapons and military equipment in the necessary volumes. The need for rapid response of state-legislative institutions was established both in the legal (sub-legal normative legal acts, amendments to current laws) and in the socio-economic field (application of administrative and legal support tools). It is proposed to draw the attention of state institutions that ensure the national security of the state to the humanitarian aspect of national security in terms of the religious component, which requires immediate legislative regulation.


national security; national interest; national resistance; threats; martial law; ensuring the national security system

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