Problems of theory and practice of entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Iryna Leonidivna Yaremchuk


The question of the formation and development of entrepreneurship in terms of market economy formation and institutional changes in the Ukrainian economy has become extremely important. Formation of a market economic system in Ukraine is connected with the growth of business activity in all spheres of the economy. Business development is required for the formation of a stable, competitive state economy. While solving entrepreneurship’s problems, the state automatically has solved many problems of the state as a whole. Research has indicated that the problem of Ukraine’s promotion at market reforms has largely conditioned by the underestimation of the entrepreneurship’s role and importance as a structure-forming element of the market economy. The lack of clarity in understanding the business has contributed to the ambiguity and contradictions in national legislation forming. Based on the study of modern concepts and trends in entrepreneurship’s development in the international business centers its state in Ukraine and specific proposals drawing up as for the development and enhance the effective use of the Ukrainian business potential in order to create the necessary conditions for the country's economic growth has been analyzed. Today’s valid determination of entrepreneurship as a phenomenon or functioning appointment concept actually has not been exhaustive or universal. Based on the business’s nature essence, analysis of foreign and domestic experience as for determining the conceptual apparatus the author has formulated his own understanding of the conceptual definition of entrepreneurship. However, today this theory is still not fully formulated, which has allowed the subsequent researchers to continue studying the phenomenon of entrepreneurship and consider it in the light of the various sciences. 


business; entrepreneurship; market; sphere of activity; result

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