Determination of factors of competitiveness of enterprises producing concrete

Iryna Anatoliivna Pedko


The article is dedicated to improving the scientific knowledge about the nature and contents of factors of competitiveness of enterprises producing concrete, place of  subsystem of competitiveness in their marketing management. It is identified that activity in this market is associated with significant commercial risks due to the properties of concrete. It is indicated that the concrete market is a local one. It is selected the group of companies- leaders in the market of concrete of  Odesa region. Their common characteristics are defined. It is determined the absolute market leader. It is made a comparative analysis of their marketing activities in all elements of the marketing complex. The key factors for the commercial success of the company, which holds the largest market share it is defined more modern technological equipment , better brand recognition among audiences and potential contact of individuals, the lower price of concrete, the use of the concept of  the social and ethical marketing. The key factors of  the commercial success of another leader are as the following: deferred payment of large customers; for private clients it is the option to pay cash on the subject of concrete fill;  lower cost of rail fare due to the more favorable location. A comparative analysis of communication activity in Internet market leaders showed that competitive advantage of the absolute leader is his full communicative activity in the virtual space. It is proved that the company-leader uses the marketing strategy of differentiation. The presence of highly differentiated brand can increase the market power of the company. The advantages of this marketing strategy are the ability to increase the product life cycle, enhancement of commitment to the brand, reduction of  sensitivity for prices, increase of profitability, complication of the emergence of new competitors in the market, increase of resistance to a possible increase in costs as a result of actions of a strong supplier. It is built a model of marketing strategy of differentiation and unique selling proposition of enterprise-leader in concrete market. It is proved that for correction of the communication campaign it is necessary to lead the mandatory monitoring of effectiveness of the proposed complex of marketing communication, calculation of efficiency. The efficient advertising tools on the market of concrete are proposed.


complex of marketing; competitiveness; factors of competitiveness; concrete market; marketing strategy; unique selling proposal; advertising campaign

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