Methodological approaches to complex integrated assessment of economic security entities at the regional and inter-regional levels

Maria Grygorivna Afanasyeva


The results of the study of methodological approaches to complex integrated assessment of economic security entities at the regional and inter-regional levels are considered in the article. It has been proposed the use of the system of methodological approaches and mathematical economic models to determine the effect of individual components of the economic security of the overall level of economic security entity, and as a result, the  improvement of the reliability of its estimates. The advantages and disadvantages of the basic methodological approaches to measuring the economic security of the entity based on a system of rating indicators are shown. Some modifications to improve them are proposed. It has been considered the separate integrated systematization of rating level of economic security entity in relation to its possible states in which the entity can be in the current economic realities. It is shown that while using the aggregate ranking evaluation criteria and multiplicative criterion, where the origin of detailed parameters is shifted for 1 (one), the detailed performance evaluation of the quality of economic security is leveled, – contribution of large numerical values of some parameters to a detailed overall assessment rating compensates the  low values of others. It has been proposed the implementation of the modified weighted geometric mean due to the exponential form factor as an indicator of critical lower limit of the pre-crisis level of economic security of the state where the weighting factor corresponding detailed index characterizes the risk of error in the definition of complex integrated index of economic security entity. It is shown that the final assessment of the economic security of the entity's appropriate should be conducted by comparing generalized indicators of investigated company  and "benchmark" company on the basis of distances between local indicators of economic security. Thus, the increase in distance from the "benchmark" companyin dynamics indicates deteriorating of economic situation and reduction of the level of economic security. The calculation of this distance is recommended to compare in the plane of  several companies, for example, to assess the level of economic security at the micro level, the regional level, sector or country.


economic security; components of economic security; entity; rating assessment; comprehensive integrated assessment of economic security

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