Integrated marketing communications in tourism industry: theory and methods of forming

Tetiana Bronislavivna Samonova


The article deals with theoretical and methodological problems of the formation of integrated marketing communications at enterprises of tourism industry as an essential component of their marketing mix. The features of the tourism product and their corresponding means of marketing communications and promotion are determined. It has been also determined that integrated marketing communication system of tourism enterprises is a purposeful complex and synergetic application of all elements of marketing communications (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations), which are in constant interaction with each other, with themselves and enterprise, between enterprise and its external and internal environment for debugging a close information relationship between market subjects (consumers, sellers, and agents), in order to create favorable conditions for the individual tourism enterprises and promotion of their tourism product to market. The methods of formation of tourism enterprises' integrated marketing communications, as well as the principles of creating a method for evaluating their effectiveness are proposed. In order to develop tourism industry in Ukraine we propose to join together tourism enterprises, NGOs and government, which allows managing effectively financial and human resources to develop complex marketing communications and effectively promote Ukrainian tourism product in the domestic and foreign markets.


integrated marketing communications; promotion; marketing mix; tourism services; tourism products

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