Application of the marketing instruments to increase the efficiency of the post service

Olena Serhiivna Pylypenko


An important source of variability of services is the buyer, his uniqueness, which explains the high degree of individualization of the service according to the customer’s requirements. This necessitates thorough, comprehensive and systematic study of a consumer’s behaviour. As a result, the company that provides services, provides the possibility to manage the behaviour of consumers, or at least to take into account the psychological aspects of working with clients. The main instrument of the practical implementation of the customer-oriented concept is considered to be the industry of direct marketing, which begins to grow rapidly in Ukraine. Over the past few years, the postal flows and volumes have changed significantly. In many regions of the world the decline in letter-post items has become a reality. The conversion of the email services of providers in direct marketing is important for their survival in the future and will be used as a strategy of innovation and diversification, as well as will help them to position themselves as key market participants. The traditional channels of the physical address post remain important, but the postal service must consider the possibility of the establishment of wider communications of infrastructure. The modern “direct marketing” is an interactive marketing system that uses the direct communication channels with customers regardless of their location in order to get a certain response and (or) to fulfil the transaction without middlemen. Today, the postal services are very requested in various areas of modern business. Direct mailings are carried out not only by distance trade companies, but also banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, publishing houses and editorial offices and many others. In addition, with the development of the Internet commerce the volume of mail increases each year. At the moment, the structure of the postal industry has changed; new segments and services that have a significant impact on the quality of the services – both for businesses and for the public have appeared. The postal service has an important role for economic and social progress of the society. Linking the production and the consumption, postal services actively influence the economy, management, business development and welfare of the country. The main national operator of the mailing is the Ukrainian state enterprise of the mail service “Ukrpochta”. With the development of the market and the increased competition in the market, the new postal operators have appeared. The analysis has confirmed that the main advantage of the competitors of the USEP “Ukrpochta” is the speed of delivery, the safety of items, the items confidentiality, flexible pricing, the active use of electronic funds of the transfer of the information, the worldwide transfer funds. However, “Ukrpochta” has left in its arsenal some exclusive services that give it an advantage over the competitors. These are mailboxes located in all the localities of the country, PO Boxes which are available in many post-offices, the wide network of post offices from the village to the capital. The priority activities of the USEP “Ukrpochta” are the introduction of new technologies, improving the tariff policy, increasing the quality of services and expanding their range. “Ukrpochta” as the most accessible and trusted by the client, assured and protected by the state guarantees entity may promote the establishment on its basis one of the business models of the integrated postal and financial services providing not only the postal services but also expanding the range of financial services. In this case “Ukrpochta”, accumulating the offer of the various kinds of postal and financial services, can obtain the economic benefit as the quality offer of the needed client services and the efficient service is the guarantee of the further development of a long-term relationship with the client, and therefore, stable business income. 


services; service market; direct-marketing; postal connection; postal operator; postal service

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