Determination of the negative impact of the airport on the environment and elaboration of measures for its reduction

Olena Volodymyrivna Latysheva


In the conditions of European integration of Ukraine and ratification of international ecological programs for air carriers by the country there are very important questions as realization of control by the ecological indicators of  economic activity of airports, decline of level of negative influence on an environment and implementation of ecological safety rules. The influenceofeconomicactivityofairportsonanenvironment has been exposed inthearticle. The statisticalmaterials, materialsofscientificresearches, informationofecologicalpassportsofdomesticairportsareused fordeterminationofconsequencesofactivityofenterprisesofcivilaviation. Thebasicchemicalandphysicalfactorsof negativeinfluenceofactivityof airports ontheenvironmentare investigated. Changesin a stateofhealthof people wholiveintheaffectedbyairportszones areconsidered. Thecomplexofmeasuresofairport "Kyiv" forecologicallyorienteddevelopment aredefinite. It is suggested to realize ecological events on the guard of atmospheric air (as control by exhausts of contaminants and events for their decline), on the guard of water environment (as control by exhausts of contaminants and event of cleaning of subsoil waters), and also in the field of management by wastes of airport. The objective of these events is to decline the level of aviation noise, control by exhausts of contaminants,  maintenance of territories of airport in the proper sanitary-ecological state. 


civil aviation; airport; influence on an environment; exhausts of contaminants; electromagnetic radiations; thermal contaminations; dirty flows; aviation noise

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