The enterprise economic security: the investment survey

Halyna Vasylivna Leshchuk


The scientific approaches to the essence of interpretation of the enterprise economic security as well as the theoretical and methodological principles of the enterprise investment security are considered in the article. The main characteristic features of “the economic security” are defined on the bases of the scientific approaches analyses to its definition and the interpretation of this economic category is supplemented as it shows the stable financial and economic functioning of the enterprise, when the factors influence of the external and internal environment don’t cause the emergence of the negative tendencies towards the optimal correlation between the resources, the production and the profit. The aims, components, principles and management mechanisms of the enterprise economic security are investigated.  The main criteria, methods and means of providing the enterprise economic security are identified. The scientific approaches to the essence interpretation of “the enterprise investment security” at the macroeconomic and microeconomic levels are summarized and in particular the necessity to point out the investment security of the investor is underlined. It is proposed the conceptual model how to appreciate the enterprise investment security which allows to study the approaches to the appreciation, the identification directions of the internal and external factors as well as their influence, the stages of the appreciation, the possible dangers and the formation of the measures in order to liquidate, neutralize and eliminate them. The efficiency increasing ways of the economic and investment security of the enterprise must be based on the understanding of these economic categories, the professional management, the taking opportune decisions, the systemic monitoring and the identification of the negative factors of the internal and external environment which influence its security.  


the economic security; the investment security; the methods; the appreciation criteria

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