Analysis of methods for determining and evaluation of the socio-economic security of companies

Inna Volodymyrivna Venhlyuk


Understanding of the importance of the need to ensure effective functioning of the company security service allows to develop an appropriate device evaluation of socio- economic security of the entity. To achieve this goal a basic analysis of existing approaches should be carried out. Modern scientific literature covers a large number of methods, but their divergence requires an integrated method. This paper is the basis for further improvement of existing and development of new methods for the evaluation of socio-economic security entities. Paper analyzes the most common approaches and methods of assessing the level of socio-economic security. The paper investigates and analyzes the functional components, techniques and methods to assess the socio-economic security. An analysis of existing methods has helped to make the conclusions and emphasize the disadvantages of using different methods of the latter. The features of methods for assessing socio-economic security are revealed and theirshortcomings are described. The revealed advantages will be the basis for the development and implementation of an integrated approach to assess social and economic security based on environment performance, industry and many other factors.


methods of evaluation; security; company; economic security; complex method; safety assessment; socio- economic security

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