Analysis of the relationship of food industry enterprises’ balance and market capitalization

Kateryna Volodymyrivna Bagatska, Olena Serhiivna Kovalenko


The economic content of companies capitalization and selects is defined. Balance and market capitalization are considered to be its main components. The essence of the book and market capitalization. The meaning of the multiplier in assessing the market value capitalization of the companies is analysed. The dynamic range of the multiplier for the food industry is considered. It has been emphasized its importance as a factor in pricing the stock market , as well as an indicator of market value and the criterion of investment attractiveness of the corporate type. The necessity of studying the relationship between the book and market capitalization is underlined. A correlation analysis of the relation and correlation analysis of the impact on net income market capitalization companies done. The presence of direct link to the group of companies is proved. For some companies it has been recorded the absence or feedback between balance and market capitalization. Based on the data conclusions are done. The recommendations for the feasibilityof  issue of shares for each group of enterprises, feasibility of assessment of value of market methods are worked out. The necessity of in-depth analysis of the dynamics of the exchange rate mismatch causes financial condition and financial results for companies with negative results of the correlation analysis . It has been focused on the  necessity of the increase in the number of investigated enterprises.


balance value; balance equity price; market capitalization; market stock price; enterprise value multiplier

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