Formation of methodological approaches to assessing the effectiveness of systems of staff development of innovation-active industrial enterprises

Lilia Oleksandrivna Hryzovska


Taking into consideration the processes of globalization and increased competition in many market segments, increased requirements for standards of conducting business in the global economy and the importance of the industrial sector of the economy for the overall socio-economic development it has been determined  the need for improving the management of the domestic industry. It is emphasized that the solution of this problem requires greater attention to the development of professional competence of management personnel that should be done systematically and and take into consideration the key elements of competitive strategies. This will contribute to strengthening and more effective use of the intellectual capital of the enterprise and its resource potential.  It has been emphasized the importance of innovation factor for creation of competitive advantages and increase of the competitiveness of industrial enterprises that requires the increasing of the number of innovative and active ones. Based on the analysis of statistical data of industrial innovation of Khmelnytsky region during 2002-2012 it has been found out that the number of innovation and active ones among them is not enough for a noticeable positive impact on the overall economic dynamics in the regional industry. A very low share of innovative products in total revenue from sales of industrial products, which over the past 10 years did not exceed 3% is the evidence of this situation. It is noted that a similar trend is occurring in the whole Ukraine. The analysis of the rate of economic dynamics of a number of innovation active machine-building enterprises of Khmelnytska oblast concluded insufficiency of the effectiveness of their innovation. We suggest that at the core of the problem is a mismatch between the type of tasks and innovative business strategy and the level of professional competence management of personnel. Author has determined the main drawbacks of staff development in the studied companies. The  scientific and methodological approaches to the construction of staff development of innovation active enterprises are defined. The evaluation of its effectiveness has been done. It is noted that this efficiency is achieved by reasonable choice of  forms and managerial staff development programs for its ability to maximize revenues from the sale of the enterprise innovation and competitive strategy. Unlike existing ones, it is focused  on the need for compliance of forms and programs of key management personnel of the elements of that innovation strategy that is chosen now to create and / or strengthen its competitive advantage in the target markets. It is noted that the effectiveness of staff development is provided by its ability to maximize revenue from the sale of the enterprise innovation and competitive strategies. The proposed recommendations are universal and can be applied to the entire set of innovation active enterprises. 


competition; innovation-active industrial enterprises; intellectual capital; innovation strategy; the effectiveness of staff development; engineering

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