Main directions of improving the efficiency of labor resources of the enterprise

Alyona Yuriivna Shakhno, Hanna Anatoliivna Lashkun, Bohdan Yuriovych Holoborodko


The efficiency of the staff is a key factor affecting the competitiveness of products and their quality. It  improves economic activity, reduces personnel costs and increases income workers. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of labor in the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine, identify ways and areas to improve it in the future. The authors have investigated the concept of "labor efficiency" and assessed the effectiveness of labor resources for the mining and metallurgical complex in the emerging market economy. This paper presents the results of research work efficiency of human resources for the period from 2009 to 2012 on the example of mining enterprises of Kryvyi Rih basin: Central Mining and Processing Plant, Northern Mining and Processing Plant, Southern Mining and Processing Plant, Inguletsk mining plant/ It has been analysed the basic indexes of enterprises. The index analysis of labor efficiency has been carried out. The results of correlation and regression analysis are presented. On the basis of the analysis and evaluation of work on mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine it has been proposed the improvement of organizational and economic mechanism for improving the efficiency of the labor force, which presents the main directions for its improvement. The peculiarities of labor efficiency, taking into account the specifics of the analyzed companies are determined. There are the ways of improving the efficiency of labor manpower of the company:

- Improvement of staff motivation;

- Improvement of the innovation orientation of management;

- Optimization of cost of work;

- Improvement of the quality of recruitment;

- Training of personnel and the proportion of staff with higher education;

- Improvement of working conditions and improvement of  the efficiency of providing optimal conditions that will meet the peculiarities of the production process and international standards.

The perspective of further research is to introduce and implement the above provisions in the manufacturing process of mining and metallurgical enterprises, improve organizational and economic mechanism for determining the efficiency of labor and socio-economic benefit for companies and the industry as a whole.


efficiency of labor; labor; labor productivity; the results of work; motivation mechanism

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