Main features of modern corporate management in Ukraine

Khrystyna Volodymyrivna Obelnytska


In terms of relentless development, globalization and the internationalization of the world economy it has become important  to correspond modern conditions of corporate management in domestic enterprises. So, the national model of corporate management has become the subject of study. We have considered the characteristics of the national model of corporate management, formed under the influence of established international models of corporate management and also have taken  into account national specificities for identifying key opportunities and areas for further improvement. On the basis of critical analysis of the compiled schema of coordination of classified models of corporate management is defined. The selection of empirical data is analyzed. Views of researchers on corporate management and, in particular, the characteristics of becoming a national model of corporate management are systematized and generalized. Author has determined similar classic characteristics of a national model of corporate management. On the basis of information processed schematically it is presented the national corporate managemrnt model which has the features that are more inherent for the continental ( German )one, less - for Japanese one, and some existing features of the Anglo -American model can be seen . On the basis of studies it has been indicated a number of shortcomings and derivative problems of the national model of corporate management with the aim of the  subsequent learning and development of the solutions. 


model of corporate management; characteristic features of models of corporate management; national model of corporate management; national specificity

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