Methodological approaches to the ecological-economic analysis of elasticity of GDP according to anthropogenic load

Oleksandr Mykolayovych Tur, Iryna Valentynivna Mamchuk


Methodological approaches to the estimation of the elasticity of GDP to the consumption of natural resources have been proposed. It is considered to be  a part of the problem under investigation of measurement of the rate of change of the main economic parameters of the development of the national economy from the consumption of natural resources. A high dependence of the economy of Ukraine from the consumption of natural resources has been revealed on the basis of the ecological-economic analysis of the proposed elasticity indicators. It has been shown a consolidation of such dependence, which significantly limits the potential of the country’s rapid economic growth for a long time. The main factors of restraint of high economic growth – high material and energy intensity of the industry of the country, which is also a factor in the growth of anthropogenic pressure on the ecosystem in the country have been revealed. It has been proposed to reduce economy’s dependence on consumption of natural resources and thereby ensure rapid economic growth while simultaneously reducing human pressure on the ecosystem by reducing material and energy intensity of the industry of the country.


elasticity; environmentally oriented development; anthropogenic pressure; natural resources

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