Innovative ways of development of banking system

Volodymyr Petrovych Kolesnikov, Danyil Serhiiovych Ursul


In the article the market of bank services of Ukraine is considered. The dynamics and market forecast are studied. Basic criteria which are followed by clients while choosing and trusting to the bank, also  essence and economic maintenance of innovations are analysed. The competition on the market of bank services is exposed. The analysis of  obtained data  during carrying out marketing research is done. The  appearance of new bank product will increase the amount of clients and credit brief-case of bank. As the new product is orientedon a student who represents a potential middle class in Ukraine, i.e. a bank receives a competitive advantage as compared to other banks on bringing  potentially well-to-do clients in the future. Improvement of the quality of the  bank services is the primary purpose of  banks workduringthe increasing competition between banks in Ukraine.


bank; marketings researches; innovation; analysis; competition

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Law of Ukraine "About banks and bank activity"

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