Bank sector loans in structure of gross external debt of Ukraine

Maryna Mykhailivna Huz


The article deals with the problem of improving management of the Ukrainian banks external debt which will provide an objective and comprehensive analysis of the modern state and structure of country external debt and bank sector in particular. Basic indexes determinations and classification of country external debt are resulted. The role of debt disproportion in different sectors, which can result in a financial crisis, and certain on this basis necessity to examine the country external debt in point of its structure and sectors is considered in the article. In the context of research it is noted that a necessity to pay off short-term external credits can result in sharp demand on foreign currency, subsequent decline of hryvnya course which can finally disbalance financial markets. Taking into account a current situation which was folded at the Ukraine currency market, actuality and problems of domestic banks debts before large creditors are determined. Besides, loans of banks in the structure of gross external debt of Ukraine are summarized and systematized in the article. In the cut of financial instruments and currency structure the estimation of the banks external debt dynamics in the last ten years is structured and analyzed. Recommendations for increasing the effective banks external debt management with the purpose of instability risks reduction in bank sector of Ukraine are formed in the article. 


external debt; bank’s external debt; bank sector; external loans; monetary policy

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