Conceptual foundations of pricing in a market economy

Liana Oleksandrivna Ptaschenko, Olga Anatoliivna Rudych


The subject of the research is a pricing in a market economy.

The purpose consists of generalization and clarification of the concept of the term "market price". The research of the genesis of the theory of pricing should be considered.

The article investigates the evolution of the concept of pricing in a market economy. A  special attention is paid to the pricing mechanism. This article examines the essence of such economic categories as "the price" and "the pricing". The basic theory of development is distinguished. The genesis of theory of value formation and usefulness as a methodological basis of pricing are investigated. The necessity of using the principle of utility in determination of the price is substantiated.

It is found out that the process of developing a form of prices means the replacement of its rational content by irrational one. That higher is the level of development of society the greater is the role of intensive factors of production. The higher is the degree of  intellectualization of labor, the more noticeable is rational sense in the form of price, the closer the price approaches to the utility. In order to the price to match the actual conditions of production, it is necessary to resolutely refuse to focus on the actual costs. This orientation is not conducive to efficiency, distorts its volume. The calculated in accordance with this procedure price does not act as an accurate tool for measuring the results of production.

The scientific statements, conclusions and results can be valid grounds for solving problematic questions for effective use of prices in a market economy. They can also be used in the educational process


price; pricing; monetary form; cost; profit; marginal utility

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