Globalization strategic guidelines for social development at the local level

Lyudmyla Viktorivna Kozlova


Within the resolution of the issue of globalization of social development strategic guidelines it is suggested to use the prism of improving the system by creating a unified system of socio-economic indicators of sustainable development of the city. It is also considered the establishment of linkages of indicators by identifying critical values of sustainability at local and regional levels. Indicative relationship between social, economic and environmental development must be defined through the creation of special clearing-house management to monitor changes in the dynamics of socio-economic indicators of sustainable development of the city. The article considers the urban system as a separate complex mechanism of interaction of social, economic and environmental factors. The components of social development of the city, as well as the priorities and complex tasks, solution of which will allow to develop guidelines for sustainable development are defined. It is substantiated that the government, as a means of involvement of every individual in the socio-economic oversight through goal setting and self-organization of economic entities and population, allows to take into account, to coordinate and implement the diversity of their interests, to meet social needs at the expense of means and resources of economic entities and population, territorial entities and the state. Local government increases the active participation of population in solving important problems of life and contributes the society developmentwith the help of additional internal incentives of self-motion, acceleration of socio-economic and scientific-technical progress. It is proved the special role of the municipality in the implementation of the strategic objectives of socio-economic development.


public policy; monitoring; development of the city; the social sphere of the city socio-economic development; strategy development; urbanisation and sustainable development

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