Improvement of industrial enterprises brand valuation

Dmytro Anatoliyovych Gorovyi, Dariya Oleksandrivna Prykhodko


Market dynamics, the complexity and opacity of the existing computational models of brand value determine the relevance of improving brand valuation of industry. Brand valuation methods of production (machine-building) enterprises are improved in this article. It allows to evaluate brand image, interaction of customer loyalty with the needs, brand life cycle, time influence on brand, and to consider the integral indicator of the importance of brands basing on certain brand classification features. The article also provides recommendations on the calculation of the components of the proposed method. It is proposed the brand valuation algorithm using IILLT method, that consists of two main parts and recommendation. This algorithm allows consistently and carefully to evaluate the brand value. Advantages of IILLT method are determined. The main advantages are as the following ones: detailed research of the enterprise brand, and there is an opportunity to diagnose the efficiency of previous branding; selection of individual components of the method that provides an opportunity to evaluate the factors that significantly affect the brand valuation for the improvement of future branding activities; prediction of the brand in the future; possibility to search strategic sources of increasing cost. 


brand; classification; value; image; loyalty; life cycle; time

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