Improvement of forming of accounting and analytical information on enterprise

Valeria Valeriivna Drei


The estimation of efficiency of forming of accounting and analytical information on enterprise, which is based on correlation of useful of the information and charges on forming of separate type information, is offered. The results of estimation can be used in the process of identification of informationgenerators, which are not useful and require too much time on forming. The algorithm of the estimation and list of administrative actions, which must be done to achieve quality of information and improvement of forming process of the information on enterprise are considered. The structure of information quality potentialconsists of high-quality descriptions which influence on the level of useful of information (authenticity, objectivity, relevant, completeness and timeliness). The estimation results can be used to form the base of useful and effective information for the management of production-oriented and economic activity on enterprise. 


accounting and analytical information; useful of information; efficiency of information; administrative actions; information management

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