Condition of engineering activities as business line of domestic machine building enterprises

Volodymyr Yosypovych Zhezhukha, Natalia Andriivna Horodyska


The parameters of the system engineering activities as a business trend of domestic machine-building enterprises for the development of information support of decision-making in this area are established with the help of expert survey instruments. Strong and weak points of the system operation are identified. It has been characterized and reasonably formed the sample of managers of domestic engineering enterprises who were experts in the survey. According to the survey results the conclusions have been made regarding market growth of engineering services; technology, which capital should be primarily invested in; main tasks of domestic engineering in the field of engineering services in the nearest future; distinguishing of the reasons that make the machine building diversify their activities towards providing engineering services as well as the distinguishing of reasons that do not allow to do it. These developments eliminate the gap of national statistics that describes briefly the state of engineering at the domestic machine-building enterprises. Prospects of further research in this area are connected with the use of tools of internal and external environment factors analysis for the development of engineering strategies for selecting a business line of domestic machine-building enterprises.


expert survey; engineering; engineering activities; engineering enterprise; machine building

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