Theoretical essentials of nature and contents of social & economic security

Borys Olegovych Yazlyuk


Introduction. The critical situation in Ukraine and distorted perception in the world of economic reliability and integrity of our country have determined the necessity of theoretical research of social & economic security. These aspects attract the attention of theorists and practitioners recently due to the formation and further development of social & economic security in Ukraine as a consequence of a lack of danger, threat, and social stability.

Purpose.The main purpose of this scientific research is to review the theoretical essentials of the nature and contents of social & economic security.

Method(methodology). The main method to provide security of an individual, a society, a state and sustainable development of our country and any country in the world depends predominantly on solution of a set of issues within guaranteeing security that can ease, improve and guarantee the security while achieving higher standards of living for an individual, society and a state in general.

Results.Elaboration of brand new conceptual essentials of security assumes that one would have described the categories of "target" and "security environment" to develop new conceptual frameworks being important to consider the changing nature of approaches to social security, taking into account all the factors that have arisen.

The development of quantitative and qualitative indicators and their ultimate values fixing in the economy, where the exceeding is considered to be a threat to both national economic security and its constituing regions.


state; sustainable development; social & economic security

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