Philosophy of production as methodological basis of analysis and estimation of economic potential of industrial enterprise

Victoria Olexandrivna Matrosova


A modern economy gradually changes the vector of researches in connection with system of socio-economic activity and her essence in the context of new paradigm of strategic development. Philosophy of production, economic sociology, ecological economy, must become the methodological base of analysis and estimation of economic potential of production, as self combination of man is with nature, her the public use and submission and is historical basis of productive activity.

Productive activity as an open dynamic system envisages the active co-operating of man with an environment for the sake of satisfaction of the necessities. Subject-objective relations and motivation of process are clearly distinguished in this context. A subject in philosophy is the transmitter of in-practical activity and cognition, thus a subject can be both an individual and task force, as an energy and activity source, that is sent to the object. A subject from the point of view of dialectics is provided with consciousness that is formed exactly in the process of in-practical activity and culture of environment of existence as the formed mental and ethical principles. Activity of subject is the basic condition of his survival, providing of the necessities and development. Object in philosophy it is part of objective reality, that resists to the subject in his in-practical activity.

Thus, the elements of active in-practical activity are:

- a subject as a man or task force of people;

- an object as a part of objective reality, to that activity is sent;

- an objective reality as an environment, natural surroundings within the framework of that take place active in-practical activity of society;

- a reason as a process of motive to the search of possibilities of satisfaction of necessities of subject and to realization of certain activity, that is conditioned by the level of development of this task force.

A man (society) nowadays owns one of mighty levers of elimination of the ecological system and life in certain regions and on the whole on a planet is a production (technique and technologies). A production is a specific category that contains in itself knowledge of practically all sciences, in philosophical and economic sense – is accelerating of progress even with science in global sense, by the experimental base of progress, in the same time is the brake of community development from the point of view of long-term strategy of survival.

A public production with the rotation of the elements (labour force, facilities and articles of labour) must become an active drive mechanism in the general naturally-productive system of metabolism. It is necessary for this purpose, that the economic mechanism of public production became part of homoeostatic mechanism of rotation of substances in the wild. Id est a feed-back that stipulates harmonic combination of productive mechanism with the mechanism of nature is needed.

Modern approach extends the value of category of economic potential of industrial enterprise to the research and practice reflection of tendencies of general socio-economic transformations of society. The necessity of research of general potential of industrial enterprise appears within the framework the publicly oriented steady development inplane unity of three aspects : social, ecological and economic. 


philosophy of production; technical progress; social-and-ecological effect; social utility; down-scaling of production; coevolution of the allied subjects

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