Methods of modeling of regional investment policy

Sviatoslav Igorovych Kononskyi


Adequate definition of the modeling methods of the regional investment policy allows to work out the objective and effective model of the current state of regional investment policy, as well as planned, transition one, etc. To achieve this goal it is necessary to identify the all-existing simulation methods, their advantages and disadvantages. There are many modeling techniques, however, there is not any generally accepted single methodic of modeling regional investment policy, that could be recognized both by the theoreticians and the practitioners. This article describes modern methods of modeling of regional investment policies that can help to build a modern and efficient model of regional investment policy. The analysis of the considered methods has proved that in the process of simulation of regional investment policy it is reasonable to use all existing techniques, depending on the components of investment policies which are modeled. This approach gives the most informative understanding of the current state of the regional investments policy and the prospects of its development.


simulation methods; regional investment policy; the investment processes

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