Regularities of national economy transformation processes

Galyna Mykhaylivna Pochenchuk


The aim of this paper is to identify regularities of transformation processes in Ukraine. Transformation changes in social systems of various scale, depth, orientation, caused by internal or external factors, or a their combination. The article deals with the nature and content of the social system and its subsystems transformation.  The factors causing transformational change are determined. System-wide integrated nature of the irreversible transformation of the economy is defined on the conceptual framework of evolutionary economics in a changing environment. Different types of transformation processes in political, social and spiritual spheres influence each other. The main directions of transformation processes in Ukraine 90s of the XX century are the directions of state development, nation-building, democratization, economic transformation. Many factors impede the implementation of democratic principles of state and nation-building. The research allowed to determine changes and features of transformation for each of the areas - economic, political, social and spiritual. The analysis of the transformations that have been already implemented, has led to the definition of future research ensuring economic development and good governance.


transformation; system transformation; structural transformation; evolutionary economic theory; the national economy; regularities of transformation

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