Analysis and definition of a concept of economic information

Dmytro Anatoliyovych Gorovyi, Pavlo Georgiyovych Poyasnyk


The subject of this article is the terminology used in determining the economic value of enterprise information, its intangible assets and an analysis of its overall activities. The aim is to analyze existing terminology from the point of view of various authors and deepening the concept of "economic information" for its use in the study of the structure and synthesis of intangible assets importance of economic information in their array. As a result of detailed analysis different approaches to the definition of terminology related to information resources are shown. It has been provided a unified definition of the term "information resource".  The general opinion as for the use of terminology in further studies is presented. Among the spheres that can use the results of this work we consider scientific developments in the field of determining the economic value of intangible assets, the enterprise as a whole and the impact of economic information on the total cost of the company's assets. As a conclusion, it should be noted that this work allows a more detailed and in-depth analysis of any database of information resources of the enterprise, as the lack of standardized terminology in the field of economic analysis does not allow accurate and timely application of the toolkit as an expert and mathematical analysis of information as a resource. Multidimensionality and the total number of different definitions make it impossible to conduct a cost analysis or comparison of the results of such analyzes, because in most cases it is estimated the cost of the various parts of the total value of intangible assets. This leads to uncertainty in the total output of existing information resources. As a scientific results it is provided optimal definition of information resources, which makes it possible to solve the problem of error. It should also be noted that the results of scientific work can be applied in the planning costs of the enterprise, as well as overall strategic planning activities, depending on the condition and the assets of any production. 


economic resources; information; period; analysis

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