Interpretation of the category of air transport enterprise’s economic security

Larysa Oleksiivna Filipkovska, Olena Oleksandrivna Matvienko


In the article the conceptual approaches of Ukrainian and foreign scientists to the definition of the category «enterprise’s economic security» have been analyzed. The authors’ point of view towards the interpretation of the essence of enterprise’s economic security is represented. The purpose of enterprise’s economic security has been defined. The attention has been paid to the problems of the aviation progress in Ukraine. The emphasis has been put on critically low technical conditions of aviation equipment. This becomes an essential obstacle for realization of the international air transportations by national airlines. The functioning of airlines is interpreted as the certain indicator of economic progress of any country. The features of the air transport enterprise’s business as a link of infrastructural branch of economy have been considered. The methodology of the system analysis has been used to interpret the category of the economic security of such managing subject. It has been proposed to use the resource-functional, competitive and harmonization research directions to find the solution to a lot of issues. The problems of the air transport enterprises activity as well as the internal and external factors affecting their economic security have been defined, identified and systematized. These results deepen and develop the conceptual foundations of the economic security and can be the basis for further research in this area, in particular for the development of methods and tools to evaluate the level of economic security for air transport enterprises. 


enterprise’s economic security; conceptual approaches to definition of the «enterprise’s economic security»; destabilizing factors; air transport enterprise; air transport enterprises’ activity problems; internal and external influence factors

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