Determination of the effectiveness of air enterprise marketing activity at the modern market of air transportation

A. V. Nepop


The purpose of this article is to summarize the theoretical and practical approaches to determine the effectiveness of marketing activities for air transport enterprises. The theoretical methods of synthesis, analysis and synthesis for the study of aviation marketing, system and integrated approach - to justify the theoretical and methodological approach of determination of the marketing activities effectiveness of the aviation company - are used in the article.

The study proved that marketing has an impact on the main economic indicators of air transport enterprises. The influence of marketing environment on marketing organization of air transport enterprise is proved. The suggestions for evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activities for air transport enterprises using evaluation effectiveness technique are discussed in the article. Scientific novelty of the paper is as the following: relying on the specifics of aviation companies on the market of air transportation, the author constructed the model of marketing of air transport enterprise, focusing on the marketing environment. The proposed model makes it possible to fully consider the factors that affect the marketing activities of the aviation company. This model is the basis for developing a model of innovative marketing mechanism of air transport enterprises. Also, based on the structure of the marketing department of air enterprise, it has been built the table of calculation of integrated performance marketing of air transport enterprise. The table is typical and may vary depending on the tasks. The presented calculations of integrated performance marketing of air transport enterprises show the contribution of each of the marketing department in the overall activities of the marketing department of the aviation company. The practical significance of the presented results can be used by aviation companies to improve the effectiveness of marketing activities that will enable the organization to improve marketing policy based on market research and analysis, which will provide the airline's competitive position in the market of air transportation.


air transport company; marketing environment; organization of marketing activities; effectiveness of marketing activities

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