Theoretical bases of application of diagnostic function in analysis of marketing activity of enterprise

Oleksandr Anatoliyovych Nadvynychnyi


The realization of diagnostic function contributes to the identification of reserves and possibilities of improvement of business processes, formation of approaches for problem overcoming and their warning.  The diagnostic function of economic analysis of enterprise can be widely used for successful development of enterprise in a market environment. It becomes more actual in the conditions of extent market relations development, complication and vulnerability of economic mechanism, expansion of manufacturing and external connections, strengthening of commercial risk. Approaches for determination of specific of display of economic analysis diagnostic function for the basic types of industrial enterprises activity with the purpose of ambiguousness overcoming in their interpretation are defined. Theoretical bases of realization of diagnostic function of analysis in part of analysis of marketing activity of enterprises-producers of window types for the increase of their efficiency at unfavorable market conditions are improved. A diagnostic function is directed on the identification of problems and establishment of result changes in the indexes of efficiency of business process. The analysis of interpretations of diagnostic analysis (economic diagnostics), their intended direction, subject and object are conducted. It allows to admit the existence of concepts “economic diagnostics”, “business diagnostics”, “diagnostics of the economic system” and “diagnostic analysis”, by realization of diagnostic function of enterprise economic analysis in order to form the unique approach to the interpretation of these concepts for the decision of important issues of economic analysis theory. 


economic analysis; diagnostic function; diagnostic analysis; economic diagnostics; marketing activity; analysis of marketing activity

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