Management оf bank non-profit assets based on the improvement of control

Ilona Yevgenivna Semencha, Kateryna Sergiivna Slavna


The tools and methods of control in the management of non-profit assets of domestic banks have been examined as well as the approaches to the improvement of non-profit assets control. The structure of assets of Ukrainian banks in general and PJSC CB “PrivatBank” in particular has been analyzed. Based on the construction of an economic model, the components of non-profit assets have been defined, and their role in the structure of the total assets of the bank has been considered. Due to the linear regression there has been revealed the influence of non-profit assets on the bank profit change. According to the analysis of the main non-profit asset management deficiencies have been identified, as well as their impact on performance indicators. The need to establish the relationship between non-profit and return on assets has been identified. The necessary components of a control system for the efficiency of banks improvement have been generated.


non-profit assets; fixed assets; receivables; returns; profitability; control; optimal ratio

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