Features of management by financial and economic security of building corporate enterprises in the modern business environment

Dzyanbo Yuy


The purpose of the research is to identify the features of management by financial – economic security of building corporate enterprises taking into consideration the current mixed business conditions in Ukraine. Aa a result of the research the elements that influence the formation of financial – economic security of building corporate enterprises have been discovered. They are the organizational management structure, the subjects management, the object management, which characterizes the financial – economic security, management functions, process management, management mechanism. It is grounded that the financial – economic security of building corporate enterprise includes management mechanism of financial – economic security and consists of a set of principles, methods, tools and incentives. Their aim is to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the measures as for the creation and usage of financial – economic security. It is proved the necessity of creation of building corporate enterprises security service, which is based on the next criteria: comprehensiveness, independence, uniqueness, fairness, etc. The principles of formation of financial – economic security for building corporate enterprises are identified. It is substantiated that the concept (policy) of security is defined as the system of beliefs, decisions and actions in the field of security that create the conditions for achieving business objectives. To manage the financial – economic security of building corporate enterprises the following areas are proposed: identification of priorities and financial interests in the development of their systems; analysis of existing threats to the financial – economic security; evaluation of the financial – economic security of corporate enterprises of building industry; development of measures to ensure financial – economic security, development of recommendations from their use in the enterprise; planning of the budget of implementation of developed set of measures to ensure financial – economic security; implementation of measures; monitoring the progress of implementation of the measures; operational management of the financial – economic security. The directions and characteristics of monitoring the implementation of measures to realize the financial – economic security for building corporate enterprises are determined. 


building corporate enterprises; financial and economic security; management; principles; methods; security; monitoring; control

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