Technology transfer network system in Ukraine

Svitlana Suprunenko


Introduction. The technology transfer system is an effective lever of innovative activity and a driver of the innovative economy. The study of the network system of technology transfer in Ukraine is an important problem of innovative development and commercialization of innovative developments. The formation of an effective network system of technology transfer is the foundation of innovative development of Ukraine's economy, which is key to determining Ukraine's place in global innovative development.

Goal. Determination of the theoretical and methodological basis of the formation of a model of the network system of technology transfer in Ukraine

Method (methodology). The methodological basis of the research is a system of general scientific and special methods, namely deduction (in the construction of the structure of the work in a logical relationship and study of the subject in general, the unity and interdependence of its components), induction (in the formation of general conclusions of the conducted research), abstract science and synthesis (in clarification of interpretations of categorical tools).

The results. Based on the results of the research, the concepts of technology transfer center and technology transfer network are summarized, the role of the technology transfer network in the innovative development of Ukraine is determined, and a structural and logical scheme of the model of the network system of technology transfer for Ukraine is proposed. It was determined that the main tasks of the technology transfer network are activities aimed at commercializing the results of scientific research and development, promoting cooperation and cooperation between science and industry, as well as providing services and consulting to companies in certain scientific fields. The network system of technology transfer acts as a transferable mechanism for the development, implementation of innovations and their introduction into life.

The formation of technology transfer centers on the basis of large research universities and scientific institutions creates a very powerful mechanism that carries out scientific, innovative, educational, and marketing activities. In this way, a multi-component structure is formed, which combines all processes related to the commercialization of innovations, knowledge and technologies.


technology transfer; technology transfer center; network system; innovative development

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