Quality assurance of company management based on international standards

Iryna Murenets


The article is devoted to the analysis of international standards of quality of company management, analyzes the dynamics of Ukrainian companies that have introduced standards of quality of business management over the past 22 years, proposes a mechanism for ensuring the quality of company management on the basis of international standards of doing business, based on which the consumer occupies a dominant position.

Introduction. In times of constant transformation, improvement, digitalization and transformation, the international community is primarily guided by quality issues when choosing business partners to complete transactions.

The issue of quality is quite multifaceted and can be considered from different sides, namely from the quality of the goods themselves to the quality of functioning of the entire company or corporation, the perfection of its management system, which can produce high-quality goods and provide quality services.  If we are talking about the quality of management, then first of all the company needs to be a management quality system, which is based on management quality standards. Management quality standards can be of different levels – from international to local. Quality is a quantity that is very difficult to measure and needs constant improvement. But to ensure the high competitiveness of the company, it is necessary to constantly monitor the quality of all processes that take place during the activity. This requires a developed system of standards that will control the quality of all processes and results performed by the company. From the competent management of the company depends on its fate. Therefore, the management quality system will be understood as the totality and interrelation of all subsystems of the company, the purpose of which is to improve the quality of management, maintain competitiveness in the market, improve the company's activities and produce final products and services.

Purpose. The article is aimed at studying and developing quality assurance of company management on the basis of international standards.

Method (methodology). The article uses methods of synthesis and analysis to systematize information about the quality of management of companies, statistical calculations to determine the number of companies that have implemented management quality standards to improve business.

Results. The article systematizes the information of scientists' research on ensuring the quality of company management on the basis of international standards, considers management quality standards, investigates the dynamics of implementation of company management quality standards and shows the mechanism of ensuring the quality of company management on the basis of international standards.


quality of management; quality of company management; international standards; mechanism for ensuring the quality of company management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2022.01.264

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