Theoretical bases of modeling of the economic loses to the environment caused by air pollution from vehicles using interval difference operator

Yaroslav Petrovych Stakhiv, Mykola Petrovych Dyvak, Oksana Klymivna Kushnir


The problem of air pollution in large and medium cities caused by harmful emissions from vehicles is considered in this paper. It is defined that problem of economic regulation of air pollution by harmful emissions from vehicles is a complex one because the methods for assigning the responsibility for losses are non-existent. The role of economic payment for environmental pollution is defined. Also the existing methods for economic evaluation of the impact of transport on environment are analyzed. Some limitations of deterministic and stochastic approaches for evaluation of the economic losses caused by vehicles are determined. The general approach to evaluation of the value of economic losses to environment caused by vehicles on a given area in a given time period is considered. The theoretical basis of evaluation of the economic losses to the environment as a result of air pollution caused by vehicles using interval difference operator (IDO) is outlined. Its background is the concept that is founded on the principle of equivalence of the payments for pollutant emissions and economic consequence of their negative environmental impact. The mathematical task of identification of the IDO parameters based on analysis of interval data is formulated. The conception of interval estimation of the dynamics of economic losses caused to the environment due to air pollution from vehicles by taking into account the spatial distribution of pollutant concentration and time distribution of the losses is improved. It has been stated the possibility of obtaining more accurate, in comparison to using the existing methods, estimates of economic losses due to air pollution by vehicles through consideration of the dynamics of pollutant concentrations.


economic losses to the environment; interval estimation; difference operator; guaranteed bounds of losses; spatially distributed pollutant

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