Improvement of innovation and investment research management and its impact on results of iron ore industry

Maryna Vasylivna Kyryku


The article examines the influence of improvement of the management system of investment and innovative development of Ukrainian iron ore industry enterprises on the results of their activity in terms of European integration processes. It has been proposed the use of methods for assessing the degree of integration of sectoral investment and innovation development taking into consideration the economic security investments.

The necessity to create an effective system of innovation and investment development of export-oriented enterprises is grounded. It should be done with the consideration of the economic security of investment. The first step towards its creation isthe development of practical methodology for assessing the degree of integration of sectoral investment and innovation development taking into account the economic security of investments.

It has been developed the system of indicators to measure the level of effectiveness of European integration of innovation and investment development of Ukrainian iron ore companies. The basic indicators of investment and innovation security sector as a whole are defined.

It has been carried out the analysis of the dynamics of the basic parameters of investment and innovation development of iron ore industry and enterprises ISF "Metinvest" from 2007 till 2013, in particular: gross domestic product, exports,  the amount of real investment, gross investment and foreign direct investment .

The normalized values of investment and innovation security sector on the basis of primary parameters of its activities are calculated. A detailed analysis of their dynamics over the past seven years is made. As a result, there have been built the ranges of the areas limits of maneuvering of European integration level of investment and innovative development of enterprises of iron ore industry in terms of European integration, taking into account economic security of investments during the period from 2012 to 2013.

The built ranges enable the possibility to trace the relationship between the primary parameters of iron ore industry and indicators of investment and innovation security;to justify rationally the needed amount of foreign direct investment into the iron industry of the country; to calculate the value of total amount of real investment and the amount of scientific and technical activities financing, which is necessary for stimulation of innovative way ofindustry development.


iron industry; investment and innovation development; protection of investments; evaluation of the level of integration of the industry; indicators of investment and innovation protection

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