Features of management risks process, accepted on insurance

Vira Petrivna Bratyuk, Kateryna Yuriyivna Baisa


The set of activities, which relate to the management of insurance risk, covers a wide range of tasks that are implemented at all stages of the insurance activities. That is,starting from acception of risks on the insurance, their control over the insurance contract period, up to payment of  insurance claims if  of the insurance event becomes real. The presence of risk involves anti crisis activity. Its main forms are the compensation, repression, prevention. Anti crisi activity should be implemented in insurance protection through the creation and use of appropriate insurance funds. The risks of any kinds are subjected to the management. It allows to predict their consequences, and, therefore, financial costs for compensation. In order to manage selection of risks of  insurance companies the risk management system can be used. It includes a number of different measures of organizational and financial nature, allowing to predict their consequences and the amount of damage that should becompensated. The leading role in the management of insurance risks should be given to the methods of risks financing which attempt to form sufficient sources of covering. This effect is provided by underwriting system and a set of measures of risk management from risk management. In addition, the importance of risk management usage in domestic practice is marked as one of the promising areas of the domestic insurance market. The article is devoted to the study of features which relate to the management of insurance risks. The main stages of risk management are determined. Their place in the overall strategy of the insurance company is shown. A study of the main methods of management of insurance risk, depending on the characteristics of the formation of financial sources to cover them has been carried out. In addition, it has been outlined the need for risk management system usage as a modern trend in insurance risk management.


insurance risk, insurance risks management; risk-management, insurance reserves; reinsurance; underwriting

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