Management of aircraft enterprises competitive potential in in the conditions of globalization

Oleksiy Anatoliyovych Mykhalchenko


The state of the world economic system in modern conditions and its impact on the development of economic and industrial spheres have been analysed. The features of the development of enterprises of Aircraft shere are defined. In connection with the modern requirements in the world market, which are formed according to the current state of the world economic system and the level of competitive relations in the international industrial market (which is based on the relationship of successful operation of a business entity and efficiency of competitive strategy and influence the effectiveness of its positioning in the target market) it has been grounded necessity of development the concept of "competitive potential". The need in the mechanism of formation of the competitive potential of the company and its management (including a large degree of variability of the market environment of the modern enterprise) has been established in theoretical and application level. Theoretical and methodological approaches to the formation of the competitive potential of industrial enterprise in the aviation industry (in difficult conditions of activation of globalization processes in the world economic system that are accompanied by complications of post-crisis global industry and the recession in the global market of industrial production) are suggested. The goal, objectives and principles of the process of building of a common control mechanism by competitive potential of aircraft construction enterprises in the context of globalization are formulated. The author has proposed a model of interdependence of control factors and competitive potential of the enterprise and also the competitive potential management model. These models provide opportunities for timely identification of reserves of increase and enhance the competitive potential of industrial enterprises of aircraft industry. It has been suggestedthe author's definition of the economic concept of "control system of competitive potential of the enterprise", which is in contrast to the existing emphasizes the need for flexibility of the mechanism to maximize the competitive capabilities of the enterprise as a business entity which operates in conditions of global competition. 


potential; aircraft construction company; concept; resources; management

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