Background of enterprise economic sustainability

Olena Volodymyrivna Semenenko


Introduction. Practical experience of most producers shows that the problems that exist in the national economy of Ukraine can not be solved without creating a management systemmechanism that would ensure economic stability and competitiveness of enterprises. The solution of this current strategic objectives requires from independent, autonomous entities complete rethinking of the goals, objective and principles of their enterprises operation. Moreover, the problem of economic stability is updated with fierce competition among producers and permanent external destabilizing factors. Under these conditions, all entities regardless of ownership and legal forms are objectively forced to carry out organizational changes, find, collect and use such a potential competitive advantage which would ensure further development and stability of the company.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to study the economic categories, the fundamental concepts and basic structure of competitiveness and its impact on the economic sustainability of an enterprise.

Method (methodology). The problem of economic sustainability under the influence of destructive factors is explored. The method of comparative analysis has been used. The theoretical and methodological foundation of formation and relationship of the key factors and prerequisites for the sustainable development of a microeconomic object is determined in the article. The study also proves the integrating role of organisational culture in providing competitive advantage and ensuring economic sustainability of the research object.

Results. In the course of the study and theoretical analysis, the basic prerequisites for achieving and determining levels of economic sustainability of microeconomic objects and further business growth have been established. The article describes scientific approaches to determination of the nature of such categories as competitiveness, steade competitiveness (stability of enterprise), competitive advantage. 


competitive advantage; competitiveness; product competitiveness; enterprise competitiveness; steady competitiveness (stability of enterprise); economic sustainability

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