The system of higher education quality management

Mykhaylo Rumeliyovych Terovanesov


Introduction. The development of higher education, which is caused by global processes, reflects its market orientation, the tendency to the formation of a unified educational space and raises the question of the improvement of mechanisms of quality management training. A variety of approaches and mechanisms for monitoring the training of students requires additional research and model development of quality management of higher education, which is acceptable to the national education system.

Method (methodology). With the help of the system and process approaches, it has been studied the problem of improving the quality of higher education, the peculiarities of the performance evaluation of the educational sphere. The factors that affect the quality of higher education in Ukraine are analyzed. The indexes of effectiveness of higher school have been evaluated by economic-statistical methods.

Novelty: The basic principles, which must comply with the quality management system of higher education, are determined. A distinctive feature of the proposed model is the focus on the final result of the functioning of higher education and attracting clients for educational services (potential employers) to quality control and process control training. The input and output parameters of the model of education quality management as a management object are defined. Input parameters are determined by the data that describe the learning processes of students. Output parameters characterize the problems of employment and adaptation of graduates to the workplace, the assessment of the quality of training by the employers and by the graduates themselves.

Results. It is proposed the model of quality management of higher education, which includes the subsystem evaluation of the quality of educational services (training) and the result, that can eliminate the negative impact of inertia of the development of education. Functions of the quality management system are carried out in three stages: an internal self-evaluation, quality monitoring and marketing research; analysis and processing of the obtained results with the definition of the objectives of quality management and steps for their implementation; audit of the quality of education to determine the effectiveness of the quality system of education and educational policy adjustments.


higher education; quality of education; inertia; effectiveness; evaluation; model management

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