Improvement of evaluation of efficiency of the use of export potential of gas transmission companies

Liliana Tarasivna Horal, Vira Ihorivna Shiyko


Introduction. In terms of European integration and globalization of the economy, it is important to ensure competitiveness. Internationally it becomes possible by effectively using the export potential of the economy, especially those areas that are strategic. The importance of the efficiency of the transmission system is indisputable, as evidenced through its basic functions. However, at this stage of development the quality evaluation system of export potential of gas transmission companies has not been developed yet.

Purpose of the article is to investigate and improve the system of efficiency assessment of export potential of gas transportation on the basis of defining the essence of the category  export potential of gas transportation company with the peculiarities of its activities and construction of model of system-procedural approach to the evaluation of efficiency of export potential based on its synergetic optimization.

Method (methodology). The research is based on the use of general and specific methods. For the definition of the «export potential» and in order to study its characteristics for gas transmission companies the dialectical method of knowledge, induction and deduction, the combination of historical and logical, systematic approach have been used. Optimization of production capacity has been described by economic and mathematical modeling.

Results. Current conditions of the market economy in general and of  gas transportation production in particular require quick response to any changes in the manufacturing process, so it should be given a main role to synergetic effect, ie the coordinated action of all subsystems of the production system. Along with this it is important  to evaluate efficiently and adequately their interaction and the detection of negative processes, quickly respond to them by taking appropriate management decisions impossible without quality evaluation of system of export potential. The latter characterizes synerhetychnist of the entire production system of the enterprise. Therefore, to improve the evaluation system it should be created export potential of the generation integrated database in order to quickly respond to negative developments in the trunk transporting of natural gas, and make economic modeling export potential of gas transmission companies.


evaluation; export potential; gas transmission companies; optimization; model; production capacity

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