Analytical support of decisions in the system of corporate business protection against takeovers

Oleksii Viktorovych Yaroshchuk, Iryna Dmytrivna Yaroshchuk


Introduction. The development of the corporate sector of economy and the stock market, a sharp economic downturn have significantly intensified the mergers and acquisitions in Ukraine.

Underestimation of the majority of Ukrainian enterprises by market and shareholders, inefficient practice of application of legislation in the sphere of regulation of mergers and acquisitions, underdevelopment of use of business and corporate ethics norms, and lack of preventive protection system in most of the companies are the important factors that determine the popularity of the above mentioned type of operations.

The purpose. The aim of the article is to systematize the protection methods of companies against hostile takeovers that are used in international financial practice; to classify the features of their use in domestic practice; to identify the method of analysis of protection system against takeovers.

Results. The paper considers the concept and types of "corporate control" and "hostile takeover". The instruments that are used in the struggle for corporate control are defined. The methods of protection against a hostile takeover are systematized. The peculiarities of their use in domestic practice are determined. The sequence of analysis of company protection system is shown.


corporate control; hostile takeover; protective measures; stock company; analysis

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